Ensuring longevity and safety for your journey
Railway suspension solutions for all tracks and conditions.

Railway technology demands the highest standards for safety, durability, performance and passenger-comfort.

As a market leader in suspension technology, KONI are committed to offering an unmatched service for railway solutions for customers across the world.


With years of know-how and experience working with and supplying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), our engineers are well placed to work with our customers to develop dampers to suit the specific railway application.


Tailor made

Each KONI damper is completely tailor made to the exact specifications, user conditions and types as defined by our customers. This means damping forces and individual characteristics are precisely determined and, together with the specific dimensions and other variables, make up an individual damper.


Close partnerships

Working in close partnerships with our customers is not something that is limited to the design and production stages but is also extended till after the delivery phases. Our fully owned engineering and production facilities in Europe and in China, as well as our sales offices spread across the globe are the foundation of our close customer relationship.


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Buffer solutions from Axtone

KONI / Axtone work together as ITT companies to deliver maximum suspension solutions for your railway business.

Axtone is a leader in energy absorption technology, including buffers, for all types of rail vehicles.

For more information on buffers visit Axtone.