Keeping you moving 
and on the road
KONI has a proven history in developing high quality, long lasting, durable shock absorbers for truck and trailer applications. 

Built through years of experience and partnerships with trusted OEM companies around the globe, KONI has developed a range of products which suit different truck and trailer set ups, vehicle loads, and suspension heights.

Being connected to the industry, we understand the importance of keeping you on the move and delivering your freight on time.

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Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)

Whether used for work, recreation or as a daily driver, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) such as commercial vans and light distribution trucks are becoming more popular. KONI has a wide range of shock absorbers available for many LCV applications, from an 87 series McPherson strut through to the range of 80, 82, and 88 series shock absorbers.

Proven quality and reliability, application specific engineering and with almost 90 years of suspension technology, a KONI damper will transform your LCV, getting you ready for work, a holiday, or just to the shops and back.