Meeting the demands 
of the mission 
Defense missions demand the most of both man and machine. 
Being able to fully rely on the equipment, reliable and competent partners are essential. 

With a history of proven success in the defense business, KONI has the competence and knowledge to support the development of suspension solutions for a range of applications, including both tracked and wheeled vehicles.

The latest technologies, highest quality parts, dedicated production facility and R&D and testing capabilities make KONI a strong and reliable choice to work with and achieve the goals for your suspension needs.


KONI’s HYDRORIDE® systems are a range of high-performance suspension products offering better ride and handling for commercial and military vehicles.

They combine high performance damping with high pressure nitrogen springs to offer a light-weight, compact, affordable and reliable solution for tracked and wheeled vehicles from 2 to 50 tons. HYDRORIDE® combines effective damping with a rising spring rate relative to the linear rate of a torsion bar or standard coil spring.

Together with tuned damping, the rising rate means that the HYDRORIDE® suspension can absorb more energy as the vehicle travels fast over rough ground without hitting the bump stops resulting in lower shock loads for the vehicle and crew.

The spring force can be changed by adjusting the gas pressure allowing different wheel loads to be easily accommodated without having to change any hardware. 

A key additional capability of a HYDRORIDE® suspension system is a Ride Height Management System (RHMS). This enables the vehicle ride height to be changed with the additional of a lightweight hydraulic power pack and controller.

Specialty applications

Your suspension partner

From agricultural vehicles to bridges and buildings to Ferris wheels, KONI provide tailor-made dampers to enhance the performance and safety of any application on which they are installed.;