Moving your 
passengers with 
comfort and safety
KONI has long been developing shock absorbers for bus applications. 

With passenger comfort and safety most important, KONI understands the specific needs for bus suspension solutions. Working closely with OEM companies our dampers are durable, comfortable and offer a reduction in vehicle road noise.

Further to OEM partnerships, KONI has developed a large range of bus dampers for AM applications, always with the same focus of ensuring the dampers have comfort settings and improve roadholding capabilities. 

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Volvo brown on bridge for Koni shock dampers
Bus 1
The long performing damper

The 88 series shock absorbers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Oud-Beijerland the Netherlands and have proven themselves as a high-quality suspension upgrade for bus applications globally.

Adjustable, tailor-made and with over half a century of know-how and experience, this series of shock absorber will provide passenger comfort and safety for every ride.