High performance,
built in Formula 1
KONl Racing series dampers have been developed, designed and built throughout 70 years of motorsport involvement. 

Our Racing dampers are made from the finest materials, with surfaces machined within the narrowest of tolerances and under the strictest quality-control standards. 

100% dyno tested; every single damper delivers at its optimum performance.

  • Ultimate driver feel and stability on track
  • Wide range of adjustment using accurate valve adjustment system
  • Excellent reliability and repeatability
  • Customer serviceable and tunable
  • Application specific, with multiple product ranges available
Racing Koni Group
F2 race
Racing 2
  • Full adjustability while fitted on the car, with precision adjustment to allow maximum control over damping forces, especially in low-speed damping
  • Two-way adjustable
  • Stroke range 29mm to 114mm
  • Design of piston ensures control over the suspension is instant and precise, decisive and smooth
  • User friendly, easy to tune and work with dampers
  • Monotube design