Innovative, patented technology
Meeting the diverse demands of the automotive market is the driving force behind KONI's passion for suspension technology innovation. 

This desire has been seen throughout the history of KONI and most recently in the development of the FSD valve. FSD - Frequency Selective Damping - is a market leading technology which has transformed the way mechanical shock absorbers operate in both aftermarket and original equipment applications. 

Supporting original equipment manufacturers is ingrained in KONI history with leading automotive brands choosing KONI dampers as the product of choice for vehicle fitment from the factory.

What is FSD?

Using purely mechanical technology, which removes any concerns with cost, reliability, or complexity; the KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology aims to solve the suspension conflict in terms of comfort and handling.

Mechanical technology

Vehicle damping has always been a compromise between comfort and handling (road-holding), with comfort preferred in everyday driving and better handling (road-holding) required in more fast paced, track and racing conditions. No conventional shock absorber could offer the best of both conditions until KONI produced the FSD technology.

In general terms, suspension comfort and handling can be split into two frequency areas:


For comfort, when the suspension is moving in a high frequency area such as on a highway or long stretch of relatively smooth road, it is necessary for low damping forces for the vehicle to remain comfortable and nimble.


For handling, when the suspension is moving in a low frequency area such as around corners or over bumps and mounds, it is necessary for high damping forces for the vehicle to remain safe and in control.


Conventional dampers are unable to offer both solutions through the different frequency areas, but with KONI FSD technology able to change the damping level through mechanical valve control in relation to the frequency of movement, this solves the conflict in achieving both comfort and handling in the one damper.


Frequency Selective Damping

In a standard shock absorber, the main damping characteristic is defined by the oil flow going through the piston assembly. ;

The FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) feature is an integrated part of the hydraulic valve system inside the damper. 

This means no additional cables, sensors or any other electronic devices are needed for it to operate, making it one of the simplest and most economic ways to significantly improve the ride and driving characteristics of every car.